Must-Try Water Activities for Every Tourists in Boracay

There’s no doubt about the popularity of Boracay Island for many tourists and locals around the world. The secret to keeping its stature for long time now? Its white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters that simply blows you away.


Every corners of Boracay is filled with life be it party or different underwater activities. And speaking of water activities, the place is known to have various interactive and adventurous itineraries for those who are looking for thrill, happiness and just pure love for outdoors.


Aside from its perfect weather during the peak season, Boracay will attract you with its tropical postcard friendly skies. Beach-goers around the shore will surely be enticed with the beautiful Boracay and the activities that are in stored for everyone be it group of friends, lovers and family members in this article, we have run-down must-try water activities that every tourists will enjoy.



It’s an exhilarating activity for those who wants to experience flying. parasailing is the best recreational activity wherein 2 persons are towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing or something that resembles a parachute or a parasail wing.


This activity perfectly suits for the whole family and honeymooners who wants to take a refreshing dip into the waters of Boracay or for those who wants to stay dry, its still their choice. The most important thing is that, this activity was created to make memories that lasts for a lifetime while in the air flying like a bird.


Indeed, Parasailing had been a very in demand activity where participants can view the beautiful shores of Boracay’s white sand beach. In fact, most of the travel agency in the Philippines offer this as a part of their package because it is indeed a must-try for tourists who love heights and wants to have a glimpse of the paradise up above the sky.


Banana Boat Riding


Hey, just a little disclaimer, this activity is custom-fit for group of friends or officemates who are having their team building. Get ready to have fun and get wet as this could be the best ride of your life in the beach. According to some who have tried it, it gives them the excitement of a jetski ride with a little more padding but of course, you’ll not experience the fun alone.


This very unique boat ride can accommodate 6 people at a time. It goes as far as the coast and then offshore to provide a grand view of the stunning beach and island that you can see and feel while you ride with your life vest on. If you think that this ride is just that, don’t underestimate it until the boat accelerates. It will definitely leave you screaming as you hold on balancing to your seat.


To have this exciting and one-of-a-kind ride, all you need to do is find a Boracay travel promothat certainly have this in their package or simply just look for travel guides that offer Banana Boat ride for every tourists in the beach.


Stand-up Paddling


Well, from the word itself, stand-up paddling may easy as it seems. It will technically measures your endurance specifically for arms and legs. This is a perfect activity for those who can’t surf because it is not as extreme as the later. All you have to do is to endure and paddle the waters while balancing and testing the waters. In fact, this is the fastest growing water sports inBoracay and in the world. Since it is very easy to learn, many water sports enthusiasts are giving it a try. It combines a full body work-out as well as the opportunity to tour and experience outdoors in an eco-friendly way.


So, there you go, three of the most popular and must-try water activities in Boracay. These activities vary in many ways but their common denominator is the excitement and thrill that it gives to everyone. Since most of the travel is not complete without giving these water sports a try, you might want to search for a tour operator that will give you the luxury to try these to have that unique experience that you and your friends, family members and of course the love of your life.