Top 7 Landmarks In Legazpi City Everyone Should Visit

With Legazpi City’s perfect cone shaped volcano, white and black sand beaches, waterfalls and caves, ancestral houses, the capital city of Albay is a perfect destination for travelers who are after leisure, adventure, and new experiences. With the best travel agency in Manila, Uno Tours, avail our Legazpi tours package and make your Legazpi City trip memorable. Here are the top 7 landmarks found in the city dubbed as the “City of Fun and Adventure” everyone should visit:


Mayon Volcano

One of the Philippines’ most prized possession. This nearly perfect cone shaped volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. No other volcano in the world has a cone as perfectly shaped as Mayon, therefore dubbed as one of the world’s most photogenic volcanoes.


Soaring at almost 8,000 feet above sea level. It is standing at the center of Albay’s three cities and fifteen municipalities. Mayon Volcano’s name was derived from the local word “Magayon,” which means beautiful.


Cagsawa Ruins Park

This park is a memorial to the 1,200 townspeople of Cagsawa who died during the eruption of February 1, 1814. One way to enjoy the stunning view of Mayon Volcano is from this park. The bell tower of the destroyed Church of Cagsawa, is probably one of the most photographed man-made structure in the country, with Mayon in the background.


Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Lignon Hill is known as the city’s protector. Atop of the hill lies a circular viewing deck after a long and winding road. This 156-meters hill provides a scenic view of the city, the Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano. During the times of the volcano’s eruption and typhoons, Lignon Hills has blocked the flow of lava and lahar protecting the city from unimaginable destruction.


Vera Falls

Located at the foot of Mount Malinao, Vera Falls’ crystal blue water is an eye-catching tourist attraction in Legazpi City. The falls’ water runs down from the mountain and roams into the rivers and streams irrigating the rice fields near the serene town of Malinao.


Embarcadero de Legazpi

Located in Victory Village, Embarcadero de Legazpi is a world-class and premier waterfront lifestyle hub for both local and foreign tourists at the Legazpi City harbor. It is the perfect place to relax and have fun with friends and family while in Legazpi City. There are so many exciting adventures and attractions this place has to offer from dining and shopping to entertainment. Some of them includes water sports, wall climbing, bungee trampoline, kart racing and many more.


Albay Park and Wildlife

Albay Park and Wildlife is standing at the heart of Legazpi City intended for animal and nature lovers. This park houses almost 350 animals belonging to 75 species like iguanas, pythons and Philippine crocodiles. Tourists can also enjoy picnic, play on the playground for kids, or boat riding, on the large lagoon in the area.


Rawis Black Sand Beach

Why go to Hawaii or Maui, where you can find black sand beaches just in Legazpi City! Thanks to its volcanic origins, some of the beaches here produce black sands instead of the common white sand. The black sand beaches of Albay span across the province’s east coast. This beach is definitely a must-see destination for every tourist.


Mayon Volcano is Legazpi City’s main attraction, but there are a lot of other wonderful sights unique to the province that are worth visiting. With Uno Tours’ tour packages such as Legazpi tours package, visit the City of Fun and Adventure with ease and collect memorable fun experiences.


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