The Ultimate Holiday Travel Survival Tips and Tricks


Planning to visit some countries to spend Christmas or travel to a country to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Traveling over the holiday season might be the worst time to travel. But with an open mind, you can avoid these things if you come prepared. Don’t let traffic jams, terrible drivers and other traveling mishaps get you down. Breathe and keep calm while taking note to some survival tips and tricks to achieve that holiday season travel you ever dreamed of.



Prepare by doing some research


Sometimes all you need is a good research to be prepared. Planning and thinking ahead is needed in order to survive a busy travel season. Not mentioning a holiday season which could be worse. Now go research and plan your alternative routes if the traffic becomes too overwhelming. Keep your plan in mind, but be flexible enough to leave some room for mishaps or delays.



Leave early or travel late at night


Travel at early or late nights before or during the holidays to avoid the busy and hectic traffic especially during rush hours. Late night traveling is an essential way for travelers for an easy and convenient travel as most of the people rest during the night.



Bring earplugs and eye masks


This might be the way to escape the stressful surroundings while traveling such as traffic noises, crying baby on the plane and other things that produce loud music. Besides, it can also help solve boredom problems. If you want to sleep, bring an eye mask too.



Pack light


You don’t want to spend the holiday carrying super heavy bags. Instead, just pack the most important things you really need to carry such as some clothes, medications, some gadgets. Most importantly, bring snacks and drinks in case you might encounter traffic. Avoid bringing wrapped gifts or items so that inspection won’t be necessary.



Avoid being hangry


The combined words of being hungry and angry might happen together if you didn’t eat before taking off. When your tummy growls, your mind can’t think straight, and you could mistakenly get in the wrong line, take the wrong turn, or worse, upset an innocent flight attendant. In case you didn’t bring any foods, you can always rely on airline foods.



Stay connected


Download some apps as it might help you during your travel. There are apps that gives real-time updates on traffic, travel delays and more. You wouldn’t want to spend your time consumed by traffic, delays and other mishaps during traveling, right?



Relax. Seriously.


The purpose of you wanted this vacation was to avoid stress and to spend time with your loved ones. Therefore, stop stressing over little things that can irritate you. Besides, you can discuss that holiday travel stories and experiences once you make it to family dinner later on. Leave home with an open mind and get ready to enjoy your trip!


For last-minute travelers, peak travel periods are the best time to buy travel package deals offered by some travel operators. Through this, you can avoid being hassled and stressed. Think about it, you can avoid booking for hotels and holidays during the last-minute of the holiday season and enjoy the out-of-town holiday with your family you always desired.


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