5 Awesome and Exciting Must-See Festivals in Bohol


We all know that festivals have a huge influence in every Filipino culture. Towns and barangays around the country celebrate these in order to honor saints or just to keep the spirits of the people alive.


Bohol is one of the most popular province in the Visayas region known for its various exciting festivals in the country throughout the year. The festivities in Bohol are not just celebrated annually as a thanksgiving but also to boost the tourism sector in the said province to showcase the unique culture of the Boholanos.


Your tour in Bohol would absolutely be not complete if you’re not going to attend some of their different festivals with the help of Uno Tours’ Bohol Tours Promo. Here’s a guide on what festivals Boholanos celebrate.




This festival takes place during the month of January to honor Bohol’s staple crop, the Ubi plant. The Ubi plant which has a purple coloring, has the sweet potato’s taste and texture. It is popularly used to provide the coloring in the making of Philippines’ most famous summer dessert, the Halu-Halo. The Ubi Festival includes contests, exhibits and seminars to educate the guests about the uses and potential of the Ubi plant. The Ubi festival continues to gain more popularity each year.




This festival commemorates an event in the Philippine history: the blood pact that was made between Datu Sikatuna, Ruler of Bohol Island in 1565 and Spanish Explorer Miguel López de Legazpi. There are plenty of street fairs, sporting and cultural events and more. The Sandugo Festival offers history displays and exhibits to describe what life was like in Bohol during the 16th century. It will culminate in the re-enactment of the blood pact.




The Bolibong Kingking Festival depicts the history, folklore and traditions of the Loboc people on the Island of Bohol through dances and music events. The festival’s highlight is the supplication dance ritual that takes place with the rhythm of gongs and drums in front of the Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As the 2nd Patron of Loboc, the festival celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe is a very special event among the Loboc people and a highly anticipated celebration on the Island.




This festival is held annually starting on the first day of May. It is celebrated in honor of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of Tagbilaran City. This fiesta is filled with several fun-filled entertainment as well as stage plays, dances, concert shows and more. The “Mutya sa Tagbilaran” is a famous Philippine beauty pageant on the island of Bohol that the citizens look forward to every year. The festivities actually begin nine days before May 1st, leading up to an exciting day of cultural events and activities.




Held every 28th of June, the Agbunan Festival celebrates the Philippine traditions and culture. This energetic festival is designed to promote tourism and introduce foreign guests to the happy lifestyle of the Philippine people. The festival also promotes the ecological and agricultural environment of the province of Bohol.


Ultimately, festivals are not only beneficial to the Boholanos. These kind of events have proven to invite foreign tourists to celebrate with the Filipinos. With the rich culture and heritage of the Boholanos showcased during these fiestas, it just goes to show that Bohol has more to offer than its pleasing sceneries. If you are in love with town fiestas and you seek the enjoyment of fun all around, let’s make your trip to Bohol possible with the help of the best tour operator in the Philippines, Uno Tours.

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