What Makes Boracay the Crown Jewel of the Philippines


With its crystal clear blue waters, white sand beaches, and amazing relaxation sites, Boracay is hailed as one of the best beach islands in the world by different tourist sites and publications. Well, everyone knows that Boracay is probably the most popular beach island in the country and in Asia. It’s every Filipino’s dream to visit this island located in the province of Aklan.

You will never run out of things to do in this place. With nearly one million tourist arrivals just for the first half of 2016, find out what makes Boracay the crown jewel of the Philippines:



The Stunning White Sand Beaches


Popular for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. These are the words that come into our minds when we heard Boracay Island. But seeing it in real life is extraordinary and will make you not leave this beautiful island. It is best when experienced than being described. The sand is remarkably white. If you’ve been to many beautiful beaches in the world, nothing comes close to Boracay Island.



The Iconic Sunset


Your trip to Boracay is not complete if you haven’t seen the sunset in this island. If you’ve already had the chance to marvel at the way that the sun sets by Manila Bay, you should grab the chance to see the one in Boracay as well with your partner or the whole family. Seeing the parasails slowly turning black against the orange sky is really breathtaking.



The Fun Water Adventures


One of the main reasons that make tourists choose this beautiful paradise is definitely because of its water sports. Parasailing, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Jetski — these water sports are available to the public that makes the trip more unforgettable and fun. For a person who is fond of adventures, you can also try cliff diving at Ariel’s Point, which is one of the most popular island activity in the island. Beginners can take the jump and experience cliff diving for the first time and if you really love thrills, jump the highest spot.



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